3DPFigurine Model-31


We model it based on your photos in 3D Software Program Our skilled designers will start creating your 3d replica model, making sure it completely matches with the photos given by you and prepare their 3D replication. By the time our designer make your 3D model it is forwarded to our technical team.

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We use the newest 3D-printing technology to grasp your geometrical data and the texture and to calculate the figurine on the computer. The highest-quality manufacturing material. They show the typical metallic shine and contain as many details as the figurines made from the other materials. In 3D-figurine you can choose between different materials like : Plastic, resin, bronze, fiber glass, borek, gypsum, alabaster, silicon rubber, we grasp your geometry data with the help of a 3D-scan, convert this into a virtual 3D-model and then print it on a 3D-printer. We exert ourselves to get the figurine as realistic as possible. For this we use traditional, craft methods to model the figurine and to work out details or to finish it after printing to get a 3D printed miniature version of themselves and the result should be realistic, detailed figurines with vivid colors and a nice model.


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