About Us

About Us

After years of preparation, our mission was finally able to start in giving everyone the opportunity to replace photo albums and picture frames with tangible memories, because 3D characters give depth to emotions that no picture can do. Intrinsically motivated, we developed an instrument that would ensure the success of our mission. But then everything has changed completely.


Our Company

This is the beginning of a fantastic adventure of vision, courage, persistence, groundbreaking 3D technology, high-end 3D avatars and tangible memories.

Optimize next-generation 3D models
Reinvent open-source architectures
Scale 24/7 experiences

Morph impactful interfaces

Our 3D artists give 3D printing the absolute wow effect. Immortalize yourself with your favorite outfit over a 3D figure.



Featured Projects

We developed an AI-based 3D full-body scan technology that rapidly processes image information into a 3D digital model with groundbreaking anatomical precision and maximum colour fidelity. On our mission to give everyone the possibility of tangible memory, the vision suddenly set in motion to provide beautif moments through 3D avatars and to help shape the future of virtual and augmented reality.


Create your own model

Book an appointment and capture emotional moments! Memories forever! You can easily order a cheaper reprint of your 3D figure at any time.